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Energy-saving is a important topic. The third OKA-NEWS issue reports on OKALUX Capillary systems. As an OKA-NEWS subscriber you obtain this information exclusively and first. 

Capillary systems - a harmonious combination of function and aesthetics.

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OKALUX insulating glass elements with capillary inlays are beautiful and highly efficient. They diffuse the daylight deep into the room and provide a very good sun and glare control at the same time. Their heat insualtion properties are excellent and the transmission values of the glass can be individually adjusted to suit the requirements of your building.




KAPILUX is an insulating glass with an integrated capillary pane. The type description T stands for a capillary pane made of transparent material, "W" stands for a white-coloured material. The capillaries do not only reduce heat losses with Ug-values up to 0,8 W/(mK) | 0.14 Btu/(h ft F): Their front-directed light dispersion significantly improves the illumination of the depth of the rooms a valuable feature on cloudy days, especially in rooms that are illuminated from the side.


The challenge for OKALUX Light Diffusing Insulating Glass: to make daylight useful. With a translucent capillary slab covered with glass fibre tissues in the cavity, OKALUX achieves optimum, uniform light transmittance into the room, irrespective of irradiation conditions.  

Every advantages at a glance:

  • light diffusion for improved distance from opening lightning
  • light transmission and total solar energy transmittance as required
  • optimum, uniform light transmittance into the room, irrespective of irradiation conditionas
  • very good colour rendering
  • good heat insulation
  • outstanding sound insulation
  • UV protection as required
  • partial throughvision
  • attractive appearance in daylight and in artificial light


The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO/USA | OKAPANE Steven Holl Architects

Citroen flagship store in Paris/France | KAPILUX | Manuelle Gautrand

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We guarantee an independent, customer oriented consultation - individually tailored to your ideas, specially adapted for your products and their requirements. For more information on capillary systems as well as our comprehensive product range, feel free to call us at +49 9391 900-220 or contact us quickly and easily on the Internet: www.okalux.com

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