Daylight Planning

Daylight is per definition the visible light of the sun, i.e. natural light – and crucial for our life. It plays a central role in our psychological and physical well-being in both our living and working environments. As a result it is important to optimally illuminate the interiors of buildings, especially rooms and work places with special uses.

Our history has given us a profound understanding for daylight planning. We aspire to realize sustainable daylight solutions with our innovative products and in-depth consultation. For us, this means: energy-efficient solutions with highest visual comfort. A balance of quantity of daylight and sun protection brought in to line with thermal comfort.

In addition to offering planners and builders a realistic visualization of quantities of light, we calculate the relevant factors for the individual use of daylight, such as light density and daylight coefficients. Where necessary, we cooperate with a proven network of external to develop comprehensively optimized solutions concerning aesthetics, building physics and economy. Try it!