Capillary Daylighting

OKALUX insulating glass with capillary inserts are true all-rounders. They disperse daylight deeply into the room while offering very good sun and glare-protection. The heat insulation is excellent and the transmission values of the glass can be specifically adjusted to the requirements of your building project.

The product variants OKALUX and OKALUX+ are available as double-glazing build-ups only. Nevertheless, an optimized Ug-value with OKALUX+ is possible because of its functional layer in combination with a gas- filled cavity.

OKALUX K is a triple-glazing build-up with gas-filled cavity and achieves an even better Ug-value. OKALUX EVO is available as a double- as well as triple-glazing build-up. The capillary structure of these build-ups is visible. OKALUX is perfect for many areas of application such as museums, sports halls, administration, commercial and industrial buildings.