Light-diffusing Double-Glazing Insulating Glass with Optimized Ug-value

OKALUX+ light-diffusing insulating glass offers numerous advantages: The capillary slab in the cavity allows for an even and shadow-free illumination with daylight deep into the room. The sun and glare-protection are very good, the heat insulation excellent and the transmission values individually adjustable to the requirements.

In comparison to the product variant OKALUX, OKALUX+ achieves an optimized Ug-value even in narrow pane build-ups thanks to a functional layer in combination with a gas-filled cavity.

High Functionality

  • Optimal, even illumination of the room, without hard shadows
  • Effective sun and glare protection
  • High light transmission, light entry can be adjusted individually
  • High colour rendering
  • Good heat and sound insulation
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Bird-friendly solution
  • Fire protection according to requirements


  • Daylight entry reduces amount of artificial light required
  • Reduction of cooling loads in summer
  • Fully recyclable
  • Long-Lasting, maintenance-free and easy to clean

Attractive Aesthetics

  • Attractive appearance
  • Vivid surface with depth effect
  • Capillary inserts can be printed with colour and décor

User Comfort

  • Comfortable daylight atmosphere
  • Effective privacy protection
  • Reduced amount of solar input into the building

OKALUX+ – Build-up vertical glazing

Build-up vertical glazing

OKALUX+ – Build-up horizontal glazing

Build-up horizontal glazing

Build-up and principle of function

  • Maximum dimensions: 1,230 mm x 4,000 mm, larger sizes available upon request

  • Maximally dimensioned glazing may necessiate blunt joints or joint profiles

  • All technical values, such as light transmission, TSET and Ug-values can be varied by using other constructions and glass types. The Ug-value is depending on the functional coating on surface #2 and the gas filling in the cavity between panes (Air/Argon/Krypton).


Total Thickness

Ug-value [W/(m2K)]



Double Glazing mm Krypton Argon Air SHGC (%) direct (%) direct

from  26


1.3 1.5 14 - 34 19 - 39



Product Family OKALUX: Comparison of Ug-value depends on installation

Comparison of the Ug-values depending on the position of installation

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