© Jürgen Krall Photographie
© Jürgen Krall Photographie


Financial Authority Landshut



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168 m²


wulf Architekten GmbH




Façade | Skylight

Financial Authority Landshut

Landshut, Germany

Powerful Serenity - The Regional Financial Authority in Landshut with OKASOLAR W from OKALUX

The new Regional Financial Authority in Landshut speaks a clear, almost archaic language of form: geometric structures and linear elements dominate the character of the building. The square block with its generous forecourt is situated in close proximity to the densely populated old part of the city of Landshut. wulf architects Stuttgart are responsible for the impressive realization of this courtyard building, which effectively reflects the type of transformation so typical for representative buildings in this area. The new five-storey construction was conceived as an atrium building in concrete skeleton structure with an inner courtyard as its central point of reference.



The building is elegant and sophisticated despite its compact form. The relief-like design of the façade with its harmonious rhythm of slanted, vertically oriented windows emphasizes the horizontal line. An effective contrast results from the alignment of the attic floor set back from the plane of the building on the entrance side and the aluminium elements which take on darker hues from floor to floor.

400 employees work in the new building. Training rooms and a cafeteria complete the room set-up. Foyer, cafeteria, a generous stairwell as well as the interior ring of the offices arranged on both sides face the inner courtyard. The individual offices on the upper floors are connected by a central hall which is illuminated with natural light by the fanlights of the adjacent rooms.

To make sure the office rooms are illuminated with an optimal amount of daylight, the fanlight areas of the ribbon windows of the inner courtyard are equipped with OKASOLAR W functional glass from OKALUX on all floors. The fixed louvres in the cavity between the panes keep direct sunlight out. The special cross section of the louvre reflects part of the rays to the outside when the sun is high thus considerably reducing heat input. When the sun is low, part of the sunlight enters the room while part of it is deflected to the ceiling from which it is evenly diffused into the entire room. The good illumination with daylight reduces the requirements for artificial light. In this way, OKASOLAR assures a successful balance between sun protection and the exploitation of daylight with comfortable working conditions for employees all year round.