© Ali Moshiri
© Ali Moshiri


OKAY sports house

Order Volume

1.800 m²


Tatanka GmbH - Wolfgang Pöschl,
Joseph Bleser, Thomas Thum





OKAY sports house

Innsbruck, Austria

The missing link

Yawning empty for decades, the gap on Innsbruck's magnificent shopping boulevard in the old town centre has finally been filled by the Okay sports shop. The cubic architecture is a direct answer to historical and municipal stipulations and its clearly defined contours draw even more attention to its historic surroundings than to the building itself. This means, for example, that the church situated opposite is once more perceived through two narrow alleyways as it was many years ago, making the positions of the church tower and a side altar understandable again. The new building also gives the baroque façade of the Taxispalais a monumental appearance and again directs the observer's attention to details which had been previously overlooked.




The materiality of the building is in accordance with the motto "a small glacier in the old town centre of Innsbruck". The glass shell is translucent and imbues the building with a sense of lightness and a special radiance. It is essentially responsible for the building's acceptance in its historical setting. No other structure in the old town centre is touched by the hands of as many passers-by as the new sports shop. The visual impression is primarily achieved using U-profile glass and a three-layer OKAPANE insert. This combination provides a daylight atmosphere which permits the use of artificial light for unobtrusive illumination in the shop.

The double glazing with intermediate layer of OKAPANE – a capillary honeycomb structure made of transparent PMMA (acrylic) – is characterised by excellent structural properties. It is capable of achieving a U-value of 0.4 W/m², a total solar transmittance of 9 % and 6 % light transmission and therefore makes a substantial contribution towards optimising energy utilisation on the premises of the Innsbruck sports shop.