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Residential and Commercial Building Langenzipen



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1.100 m²


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Residential and Commercial Building Langenzipen

St. Petersburg

Glass Façade with Pioneer Period Motifs - St. Petersburg residential and commercial building with OKACOLOR printing

Numerous buildings from the Russian pioneer period clearly dominate the St. Petersburg district of "Petrograd Side" to this day. In this environment, a former 4-storey factory building from 1965 was converted into a modern residential and commercial building.

The building, which was designed by architect Sergei Tchoban from Berlin who was born in St. Petersburg, reflects the genius loci with modern materials and technologies. The glass façades are printed with ornaments and relief motifs from the turn of the last century. In warm sepia colour tones, the non-transparent glass elements between the windows, which are up to four metres high, now have amphora, column and garland motifs which blend with more tranquil rustic plaster and cornice elements to form a harmonious overall composition.

The contemporary building does not hide its modernity while continuing to pay respect to the design principles of the past, but still very much present, architectural culture of the surrounding area.

The glazing was coated using the OKACOLOR technology from OKALUX, Marktheidenfeld/Germany.