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Toyota Portal Program





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Toyota Portal Program


Corporate Architecture: A Challenge to Efficiency and Logistics - Novum Structures and OKALUX are fitting 800 Toyota dealerships in the US with new portals

Corporate architecture produces brand awareness, thereby influencing the orientation of the consumer. At the same time, the design quality of the architecture contributes towards customer loyalty. If the appearance is to be changed, it usually all depends on high efficiency in the planning and realization phases.

Within the scope of a national campaign, Toyota is currently fitting roughly 800 dealerships in the US with a new portal. The back-lit façade element mounted directly in front of the entrance area of the dealerships is intended to produce a uniform appearance among all of the dealers throughout the Country.

The portal was designed by Gensler Architects, San Francisco, and is clear and striking according to the manufacturer’s corporate identity. A thin, rectangular glass front with a break-through at the entrance spans the front of the dealerships. The height and width of the portal vary, depending on the size of the building, but they always remain within the scope of the standardized versions. During the day, the surface appears in a homogeneous white with a lively look. Light-diffusing insulating glazing from OKALUX, Marktheidenfeld / Germany produces this effect, which is crucial from a design point of view. At night, the portal appears as an evenly balanced, radiant façade element which can be seen from far away. The manufacturer’s logo and dealership name are set off from the brightly radiant surface in such a way that they are clearly recognizable.

To produce the portal, Novum Structures, Menomonee / USA, developed a construction using standardized components. Several sets of steel, glass and lighting elements make it possible to adapt the gateway to the individual dealerships, and they can be produced in series at a low cost. Almost all of the glass panes, for example, have the prescribed dimensions of 1.20 x 1.20 metres. They are made up of 6 mm toughened low-iron glass on the outside with an 8 mm light-diffusing capillary slab placed between light-diffusing fibre tissues in the cavity and another 6 mm toughened low-iron glass pane on the inside. Some of the panes have holes drilled in them to accommodate the logo and lettering. To ensure the homogenous white appearance of the portal, the edging joint is in light grey rather than black.

The standardization of all components is helping to make the introduction of the new design quick and affordable. An easy-to-use design manual helps local architects to erect a portal that is individually adapted to each dealership.