For the Library Learning Crossroads Building on the campus of Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Paul Murdoch architects designed a geometrically shaped building inspired by the authentic agricultural architecture of the original California missions.

After Sheppard Robson developed the master plan for the campus of Brunel University in the 1960s, he returned again and again for more minor planning services. Most recently, for the conversion of the Wilfred Brown Building as the new home for the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences.

At Sunita L. Williams Elementary School in Massachusetts, USA, Dore + Whittier architects created a unique space for early learning experiences.

Record temperatures require new energy-efficient approaches. OKASOLAR daylight systems stand for a successful balance of sun protection and the use of daylight.

With the Juridicum of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel, agn Architekten Ingenieure Generalplaner meet fundamental requirements of a 21st century university building: highest standards of sustainability and accessibility as well as a modern, open design. The concept is rounded off by an optimal supply of daylight to the interior spaces.