With the mission to create "Space to Think", the architects Design Engine developed a master plan for the Headington campus of Oxford Brookes University. The goal was to connect the existing buildings on the site in such a way that academic and social life could coexist in a meaningful way. The result were capacities for a new library, a central meeting place, lecture halls, classrooms, commercial and exhibition space.

Light, water and landscape - these natural elements have a decisive influence on the architecture of Steven Holl Architects’ Daeyang Gallery and House in Seoul.

For the Norwegian SpareBank, the architects of Helen & Hard and SAAHA have designed one of the largest office buildings made of wood in Northern Europe: Bjergsted Financial Park in Stavanger.

“Crossing our fingers” was worth it. OKAfree and with it OKALUX have won Bronze in this year’s Architects‘ Darling Award 2021. OKALUX faced the jury of this award, which was presented for the eleventh time, for the first time.